Responsive Website

Responsive website is the contemporary type of skills in modern online development. The use of bootstrap framework enables display of screens properly, no matter its size or whether it is from desktop, mobile phone or  tablet. Today, users from mobile phone and tablets have outnumbered that 
from desktop.  Traditionally designed websites are not user-friendly enough to keep good user experience. Changing to responsive design is critical to extend the period users browsing in your  corporate website.

Other Advantages of Using Responsive Design:

Save Time and Cost

Not only does responsive design can cater the needs of different devices, it can update all content in one time for all. It makes broadcasting or updating content easier. It saves maintenance cost in the long run too.

Better User Experience

It will adjust automatically when the resolution of screen changes. User may view its screen on mobile horizontally or vertically. Content will be focused, whatever way mobile device is placed. User may browse content conveniently by swiping one finger.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Response design is recommended by Google and it will be ranked higher in search engines.

Higher Retention and Browsing Rate

Responsive design can keep the user stay longer and linger more in your corporate website.

The Advantages of Using 4P Responsive Website Design Service:

Using the Most Updated Technology

4P will use tools that apply bootstrap framework 5 and  AMP, making the response time faster.

Efficiency + Agile

4P will create the best solution for both efficiency and better  UI/UX presentation. The option of coding as last resort is also our favorite.

Multiple Tools Options 

4P may select the most suitable tool based on your actual needs.

Coding Ability

Team members may code if customized templates do not meet the actual need. That would be most useful when the project is related to database and backend.

 More Convenient User Experience

Compared to mobile app, there is no need to download or installation. Responsive website would not occupy the limited space of mobile phone. 4P may help user to save your corporate website as a mobile button on initial screen of mobile devices.

More Focused Production

We would only focus to complete a few projects at one time.

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