We have to try hard and give for what we believe, no matter how difficult the process is.
Perhaps there is a great difference between ideal and reality, we should still keep positive mentality.
In action, we should focus on the details that we can implement.

Management Philosophy

Our Mission 

We create opportunities for achievement and career advancement.
We create opportunities for creativity and social responsibilities.
We create opportunities for cooperation and investment.
We create opportunities for improvement in performance, productivity and e-Learning.

What We Believe

Customer loyalty drives our profitability and growth. 
Customer satisfaction drives our customer loyalty. 
Value drives our customer satisfaction. 
Our teamwork's productivity drives our value. 
Our team's passion and commitment drives our productivity.

What We Insist

Our customer should get the value for what they pay for. 
Our investors get the reasonable return for what they invest .
Our employees should get the fair share from what they contribute. 
We build up long term win-win relationship with our partners.



Founder designed its first logo movie using 3D software.

Use Authorware and Adobe Premiere to produce interactive
Putonghua CD-Roms. 


The Putonghua Learning CD-Roms were successfully sold to 78% of
secondary schools in Hong Kong and 140 retail shops network. 

Used programming to display videos automatically one after another
on website.


Used Flash and actionscript to develop English animated stories and games.

Used Bryce 3D software to develop 3D background. 


The English CD-Roms were sold to secondary schools in Hong Kong.
They were used in multimedia room, class, activity room, or library.

The online and upgraded version, Interactive English Learning Centre,
was developed. It had generated much appreciation from the users and public online. 

2007 -2008

4P began to develop its first version of CRM especially for entrepreneurs and small business. As a pioneer at that time using the new combination of skills javascript, C#,jquery, ajax and applied in .Net environment.

Our founder, Peter Tam, was awarded "Outstanding Person in China Creativity".


As pioneer to apply database marketing to the prospecting process.
The first version of Corporate Data Sharing Platform was built.

4P was nominated as one of the Best China Educational Software Companies by public.


The first version of 4P School Administration System was developed.

Two E-commerce versions were developed. One for desktop numerous products and the other was a responsive one especially for mobile, tablet and desktop. 


A new entity was established at Shenzhen, China. 

Used half year to understand and try raising capital and tendering system in mainland China. 


Three platforms or systems (Simplified Chinese version) were successfully registered in China Copyright Protection Centre.

Internal automated programming was built to classify data in the Corporate Data Sharing Platform.

2019 -2020

The second type of auto email function was developed in Corporate Data Sharing Platform.

Online Chat contact data is provided in Corporate Data Sharing Platform. 


4P Multimedia Software Limited was awarded as the Top Placer Award in Information Technology by International Trade Council.

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