Digital Marketing

Responsive Website

One design that can cater the needs of different resolutions and sizes of desktop, mobile or tablet. Users may wipe through the content by one finger very conveniently.

Corporate Data Sharing Platform

A platform that can help users to identify most potential customers is very valuable. Market development is the process of seeding, screening, engaging, solving the pain points of customers and breakthrough the boundaries. 

CRM SAAS Platform

A real-time update platform fosters motivated sales management,  timely customer service and cost-effective promotion, accompanied by data-driven strategy.

Social Media Integration

As most  social media has become more market-oriented, their role in advertising or business purpose has become more prominent, like Mini Programs in China or Facebook business page in global market.

Cross Channels Content Creation

Promotional content for different purposes may be distributed through different channels.

Interactive Email

Interactive email is still the most cost effective promotional method, despite the fact that most users have not fully utilized its potential.

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