Cross Channels Content Creation

Types of Content Marketing:

  • Content on newsletters subscribed in your corporate website. 
  • Micro movies or video editing for soft selling.
  • Creative image for visual impact and promotion in social media and blog.
  • Video documentaries for brand building/public education.
  • 2D animation for product/service demonstration.
  • Content to respond to forum seeding.

Our Offer for Content Marketing Campaign


By understanding the objectives, brand identity, positioning and target market of our clients, we may create content with customer value to boost brand visibility, drive site visits, increase social content reach and increase social media connection. 


Your content may be dispatched through social media like Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, LinkedIn,  Little Red Book, chat groups or  discussion groups of social media . We may post it on your behalf or you choose to interact with audience yourself.
If your product is for global market, we may also send the content to global online press release or relevant influencers platforms on your behalf.   

Targeted Distribution

Depending on which country, industry, region , occupation, interest or intent, campaign may be focused to specific target group, using our 4P platforms, social media or other third party platforms.

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