Direct Selling Agent

What 4P needs most is a marketing network that can helps us to explore our market locally or globally.  The mission of our direct selling agents is to help us to capture the opportunities related to our product portfolio. They could be consulting companies, design companies or freelancers. Their expertise should be related to marketing, selling, website design, direct selling, online marketing, business development or system consulting.  4P would offer a personalized program  based on the interest, expertise and time availability of each agent. For example, some would be involved in online direct selling, some would use consulting approach.....

Direct selling agent will be rewarded on commission basis, e.g. for leasing platform 25-30% of sales. For those who only refer customers to us successfully will receive 15-20% of sales; For those who are willing to commit more time, reward can also be based on number of appointments or number of companies added.

Working schedule is flexible, depending on each person's situation. But free account given to individual agent may be freezed or cancelled if there is no login within a month.

Direct selling agent may use online chat or other methods or to engage potential customers for 4P. They may also provide trial account for them. For registered direct selling agents, they would also be given free access to data in specific industry on rolling basis and they need to take part in maintaining and adding data to the platform. For those who have their own account and update progress of opportunities, they would be given priority right to close the deal within one year they input them. And they can also use more resources like email templates in the platform.

They can be classified based on digital marketing or digital transformation teams. They may also be assigned with specific industry or city. The purpose of segmentation is every sales agent will be assigned different own sales territory or group of targets at a time.

Registered direct selling agent may get free training, free account and free use of data.

Direct selling agents may be a company,  self-employed person, freelancer, part-time worker, home-worker or retired person.

Direct selling agent may establish his network, train and build up a team managed by him; become 4P's licensor to manage or full-time employee if he achieve sales goals consistently.

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