4P Channel Management System

The system tries to coordinate the supply chain operation starting from receiving order online to dispatching finished goods to customers. It is especially suitable for a company with team members working in different places. It speeds up the process of ordering, checking of supplier's price, order fulfillment and goods dispatching. It reduces the need to keep too much stock.

Benefits of Using the System:

●  Real time communication and updating of data 

●  Agents or middlemen may order or purchase online for samples or actual products in a private platform with authorization 

●  Enable different prices offered to different countries or types of agents 

●  Flexible ways to calculate shipping charges

●  Flexible ways to calculate discount 

●  Accessible in cross media including desktop, tablets, mobile

●  Facilitate development of distributor's network 

●  Facilitate sourcing of new products or suppliers

●  Empower agents or distributors to use data-driven strategy to explore market

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