Mini Program 

In China, the market for mobile app has been gradually replaced by mini programs. What are mini programs? Mini programs are built inside social media and can accommodate most of the features of mobile app that we are used to use.  The number of users using Wechat mini programs have reached  200 million while the number of users using Alipay mini programs claimed  to have reached 300 million.

Advantages of Using mini programs:


Convenient for Promotion

There are three ways that mini program can be accessed: Q-R code; direct search from hosted media like Wechat, AliPay or Baidu; search from nearby mini program button which visitors may find the locations of nearby shops using mini program.


Small Storage in Mobile

Mini program only occupies small storage of 10MB (excluding the videos, images or sound files that are stored in server). The screens of it can show up fast. There is no need to download from overseas App store which is banned in China. 


Low Cost of Production

The process to produce a mini program is relatively easier than creating a mobile app, and so are the costs are lower.


Many Users in the Ecosystem 

No matter which ecosystem mini program is hosted, there are many users already and it saves the marketing costs of it.

Mini Program Commercial Features :


18% mini programs are related to e-commerce and users may complete the whole transaction within its ecosystem. 

Chat Room and Sharing

Interacts and keeping relationship with corporate contacts, encouraging sharing. 


To build up a brand, companies must keep communicating with outside. Mini program is also the public relation tool that users can broadcast corporate activity, new product launch, interview with media, increasing corporate's publicity.

Teamwork Coordination

Corporate mail box, check in, seeking approval, reporting, address book.

Interactive Games

Simple games sometimes help to attract users to open the mini program, interacts, and increase its visiting rate.

Industry Information

Mini program tend to attract specific group of customers by updating them with news that they are interested in. This can also help to establish network upstream or downstream.

Facebook Business Page 

Facebook is a global social media. In recent years, it has increased its features in business page. For those who are confident of attracting fans to visit its businesss page, facebook business page may be considered, especially for those targeting aged, housewives and consumer groups. Through search tools, facebook search tool or your message linking to your business page would attract interested persons to visit your business page.

Interaction between corporate website and Facebook Business Page: 


Publishing Content Simultaneously

Users may update and upload photos or news to corporate website and Facebook business page at one time.


Facebook Messenger

Online chat is enabled when facebook messenger is embedded in the home page of your corporate website.


Sharing Icon

Your corporate web pages may be shared through Facebook sharing icon by users.

Facebbok Business Page Features:

Action Button

An  action button may be added to link to either shopping cart, registration form, booking, ordering form, contact form, playing games, mobile app or video.

Broadcasting Time

The schedule to broadcast may be immediate, preset or temporarily held.

Analysis of Visitors' Browsing Time

Analyze fans' visiting time in different time periods within a day or between weekdays.

Measurement of Preference to Each Page or Types of Content

Visitors' preference may be measured and compared among pages or different types of content.

Select Home Page

User may alter home page easily.

Arrange Activity Link

Link to add activity or event may be added.

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