4P Customer Relation Management System

4P CRM is a web-based on demand solution which increases your sales
productivity, maximize your sales performance, manage your major
opportunities ... It is an independent application with its own private database and regular backup, different from a shared SAAS platform which all users share the costs.

Benefits of Using the System:

●  Real-time update for opportunities management, ready to use as long as the system can be connected with internet

●  Complete, independent, protected data and can be backed up at any time 

●  Record and keep track of results of promotional campaigns

●  Respond to customer's enquiries or sales leads faster 

●  Review updated and immediate forecast at any time 

●  Prepare quotations or invoices fast with monthly reports 

●  Foster teamwork spirit 

●  Email marketing with email lists linked to database 

●  Multi-level access rights management based on roles, transmission of data protected by SSL  

●  May integrate with corporate website 
●  Manage appointments and activities for the whole company and its staffs 
●  Sales analysis reports, customized service may be provided to build graphical ones 
●  Using MS SQL database, can be integrated with Power BI, or exported as Excel

The Difference Between Customer Relation Management System and CRM SAAS Platform

The features in both are basically the same, but varies in depth and flexibility.

CRM SAAS Platform

Database cannot be kept by individual company. The linked database of the platform has included information from different companies 

● Amendments will be done if they are welcome by most users of the platform, but not at the expense of any existing user 

● With additional cost, the platform can be connected to existing database of different countries 

● Email sending address is shared. The recipient cannot reply directly to the sending address 

● Only part of the backend features will be managed by user's administrator like setting up quotation or invoice number format 

● Price based on number of users of each client

● Platform is located at Guangzhou or overseas

● Self-defined dropdown lists are available like types of product, sales area, weight, shipping volume, order status, currency, shipping term 

● There is a limit on the number of corporate data saved from 4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform and the number of messages to be sent out is 200 per hour 

Customer Relation Management System

● Database can be back up and kept by each company 

● Can be customized  based on specific needs

● 4P may provide data mining service for specific targeted countries and can be connected to  database of your CRM  

● Independent email address and server can be arranged 

● Backend management will be done by user company's administrator including adding or amending users or password

● Price per year if no customization is needed or one time cost plus annual maintenance cost if customization is needed. There is no limit on number of users for each system  

● System will be located at the closest country or city where the users are, making transmission faster  

● There can be more self-defined dropdown lists because the system is independently used

 The storage limit and email sending limit per hour can be much higher

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