Online Quiz System

This is a simple and user-friendly online system that is leased
by annual basis. If you are creative enough, the system can be used
for interactive tests, games or competition among the students. This is
an additional tool that can increase the interest and participation of
the students on class.

Benefits using the System:

●  User-friendly and can meet the needs from different subjects including Math
and Science symbols 

●  Facilitate building and sharing of e-learning resource year by year by the school staffs themselves 

●  Enable sharing of teaching material among teachers for the same subject

●  Save material in computer that can be improved or updated easier than printed material 

●  Economical and each teacher can use his own computer to prepare his material and
upload to the system 

●  Twelve question types: multiple choice, single answer, sequence, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, word bank, matching, short essay, diagram.....

●  May import image, animation, video and sound

●  May set up number of trials in answering question, time limit, submission method,
random sequence

●  Email result report to teacher and analytical charts

●  Automatic marking report analysis

Quick Snapshots 

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