4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform

In B2B market, the most challenging part is how to create and capture opportunities. Sales result is determined by how little time we need to spend to engage your customer and close deal consistently or how little cost your customer will find you directly. Data is the catalyst that helps to speed up the process.

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Unique Benefits


Data Sharing, Leveraging Each Other

Perhaps it is difficult to ask enterprise to share wealth and opportunities in this century. As companies need to be responsible for the interest of their investors and staffs. But if we believe  resources and opportunities should actually be shared by all, not controlled by a few, sharing does not necessarily limited to the act of individuals. Data sharing is one of the ways that we can help each other.


Facilitate Real-Time Chat

Today there are social media and platforms that offer online chat capability. But with whom you wish to communicate are usually not online when you are there. Corporate data sharing platform enables business users to use real time chat methods to communicate directly with right persons by providing filtered data. It shortens the selling process and the waiting time for communication. Further, users may record remark for each case if they want. And there are many targets in the platform, there is no need to repeat the same one who has rejected you already.


Multi-Angles Filtering

Different business have their own ways to capture opportunities. But something in common is we all need to position ourselves and segment our markets. In doing so, we can focus our energy and resources to understand and satisfy the needs of our targeted customers. This platform may provide an user a targeted list of potential customers filtered by country, city, area, industry, job title and initial response.

The Advantages of Using  The Platform : 

●  Increase efficiency in engaging and market development  

●  Enable division of labor and teamwork by assigning data access right and sharing of email content 

●  The value of leveraging the power of all platform users is much higher than its cost  

● Facilitates engaging systematically, real-time chat, email campaign and telemarketing 

● Data maintained and updated by 4P frontline and agents 

● Users may screen targets and save them directly to 4P customer relation management system or CRM SAAS platform  

● May search data by country, city, area, industry, job title, initial response, company name, telephone number, name of contact person, email address, mobile phone  

● Contact persons from companies filtered by 180 industries in several countries facilitates business matching for trading cooperation

● Reduce the workload to input or repetitive work

Platform Features :

Create Opportunities

Most B2B opportunities need to be followed up and they are not spontaneous in purchasing behavior. The platform helps to keep them in one place.

Quick Search

The platform provides different ways to search corporate information which may includes managers from different departments of same company.  

Auto Email 

Two types of auto email methods to deliver email campaigns: pre-built email lists by industries sending the same content in minutes interval; Same email list sending different email content in days interval.

Tender Websites

The platform also provides public or private websites which disclose tender notices to public. Users may record his concerned opportunity or bid result for future reference.

Email Servers

The platform is equipped with multiple number of mail servers sending alternatively to prevent blacklisting or pressure to receiving servers.

Business Matching and Data Mining

4P also provides business matching and data mining service to different countries or industries based on specific requirement of our clients.

The Difference Between Corporate Data Sharing Platform and CRM SAAS Platform

There could be synergy effect if both platforms are used at the same time

Corporate Data Sharing Platform

Part of the information inputted by user like company name, contact person, contact method will be shared among users. Private information like initial response, remark, concerned tenders will not be shared

User would only input a remark and initial response for each opportunity. Usually most of these opportunities are not mature and in prospecting stage

Data access right may be assigned to each user. There is some difference in design between user or his superior, especially related to team productivity or performance 

Email lists built on filtering by country, city,  area, industry, job title, initial response, or self-selected targets

This is a platform to help you to create your opportunities, centralize data, leverage other users' power, implement data-driven strategy

CRM SAAS Platform

All information inputted can only be viewed by the inputted user or his superior

Detailed analysis based on inputted information like source of opportunity, sales leads, purchase frequency, not buying reasons, agreement expiry date.......suitable for B2B market environment which the value of each transaction is material and each opportunity takes time to follow and capture

Screens are configured based on roles of users. There are specific screens for companies in different structures. There are screens for team, department or whole company scenarios 

Email Lists built based on type of customers, products interested, products using, target closing date, customer source, type of contact person, industry or sales area

● This is a platform for sales management, managing the productivity of each front line person as well as their results. Other features include preparing quotations, invoices, real-time reports, planning.......

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