Online Self-Learning System

When most of students or those to be trained are at home now, a self-learning system that enable teachers or trainers manage the courses and students manage their progress in learning will be helpful. 

Benefits that the users may get:

●  Students or learners may determine their own schedule to learn, starting from where it stopped last time 

●  The system can measure the progress of the online classes 

●  Use open source language PHP and MySQL, making it less cost to maintain

●  Users may complete the whole course through related mobile app 

●  It can be integrated with other systems, like school administration system, or online webinar software

●  The school will own the system and database permanently and can be stored in school's server

●  More features may be added if more add-on are installed to the system

●  May enable two types of login, one from public and the other for registered member only

The teaching program or content will be subject or course basis

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