4P CRM SAAS Platform

This is the carrier of your company which you may keep track of what happens in the front-line in real-time. It helps to manage the sales pipeline, effectiveness of the service operation and the productivity of the sales team. By tracking selling progress, increasing cross-selling and up-selling, responding faster to new opportunities, the platform increases your revenue. 4P CRM SAAS Platform also offers a private and comprehensive database for your past customers, sales leads, opportunities and existing customers. Front-line persons may prioritize their important opportunities and focus their effort on them. It also helps to build the team spirit by encouraging  sharing resources, intelligence and know-how among them. 

Unique Advantages:


Flexible Design Structure

Since different company might have different types of structure in front-line, the platform is configured based on different roles. Marketing can be independent of sales activity or sales and marketing can be done by the same person. Sales department can be in teams based on product lines, targeted customers or geographic territory. Screens for teams, departments or corporate level are available.


Real-time Updated Information and Reports

When user inputs in the screen, data
is updated at the same time to the database. As long as users would be willing to input opportunities found, sales forecast will be most updated all the time. The platform also keeps historical data for accounting purpose, like invoices, quotations and sales details.


Data Support

Connected with corporate data sharing platform, users may screen potential customers and save data directly to your CRM account with limit from different countries. This will reduce the time spent on inputting data.  

Benefits users may get: 

 Improve sales productivity and results

 Detailed analysis of each opportunity to optimize closing rate for new and old customers 

● Improve operational efficiency, users may choose to send quotation or invoice immediately; sales leads may be distributed faster; sales forecast is updated real-time  

● Easy to use. 4P would configure and set up screens on behalf of users. Users may learn how to operate by free online tutorial in half an hour. There is no need to read long manual

As long as user can connect with internet and access through browser, the platform can be used in any devices and places 

● Our pricing scheme would ensure small business and startups can afford and our value given is more than competitors

● Especially suitable for B2B market scenario, like trading, production, service or technology industries

Features in the Platform :

Complete Customer Database

The platform stores information from past, present or potential customers in one place.

Eight Modules of Menu

Eight modules include sales, marketing, customer service, databases, email, reports, search and forms, configured based on the needs of each role. 

Knowledge Center

Sharing of success cases, selling techniques, competitive environment, product knowledge all help to foster team spirit, training and cooperation.

Create and Capture Opportunities

Record and analyze each customer or opportunity's information, including selling progress, customer source, sales area, target closing date, no of employees, purchase frequency, budget, products interested,  products using, competitors, need confirmed, decision-maker found. All these help the user to understand his customer better and can contribute to closing the deal, cross-selling or up-selling.

Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing function. May send emails directly based on sorting criteria like enquiry type, product type, targeted closing date, initial response, customer source, type of contact person, stage of selling process, type of industries from database, with or without the need to build lists. Simple to use and can save numerous templates.

Automatic Reminder

Pop-up reminders may be switched on based on activity, next contact date or customer name.

Quick Snapshots

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