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During the corporate journey in the past 24 years, technology and market environment have changed a lot locally and abroad. What we have not changed are our persistence to improve our skills to meet market demand and improve service value. In order to keep our quality and offer, we would have to focus our attention  to  the following specific areas that try to solve the pain points of the market:

4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform

Lack of resources is the main disadvantage that we face as a small business. But if we can share resources, leverage each other, we can create more opportunities and synergy effect. Not like social media, the platform is built for the purpose of B2B marketing on the first day. Users do not need to share any sensitive information. What they share are just contact information they input. And they can choose to use only the existing data in the platform too. Not only does it include the  contact methods of the contact person, users might find representatives from different departments of an entity. A targeted contact person can be engaged in different ways, including online chat method, business direct line, email or mobile.  The platform is also an ideal place to engage overseas businessmen systematically.

Data in the platform comes from exhibition lists, directories, industry associations, corporate websites, social media, name cards and sharing from the users. 

Data may be filtered by country, city, region, 180 types of industries, 180 types of job titles or initial response.  

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