Wireless Network Solution

Perhaps your workplace can still not be reached by broadband network.
Your work might be affected by poor internet connection. This
wireless network solution will be able to help to solve the problem.
Strengths of the solution:
High effectiveness
  • ★ High steadiness: Auto-reconfigure to ensure continuous connection all the time
  • ★ High Coverage: Wide coverage with no blind spot.
  • ★ High Security: network nodes or facilities may be detected real time for errors
  • ★ High Broadband: Support up to 300 Mbps, possible to support 50 high-definition
  • outdoor camera using at the same time
  • Low Investment
  • ★ Low Involvement: Easy internet connection
  • ★ Low Cost: Wireless internet connection makes high costs of installing telephone
  • network underground not necessary
  • ★ Low Interference: May change the signal to 5Ghz, reducing interference
  • ★ Low Setup: 20000 metres setup can be done within 24 hours
Wireless Network Solution

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Wireless Network Solution