School Administration

4P School Administration System

4P School Administration System is an user-friendly, real-time and
effective solution for educational institutions, achieving greater
operational excellence with distinctive benefits to students, faculty
members and management ......
To Students - helps communication process from confirmation of
application, fees collection, to distribution of academic results.
To Faculty Members - aids in rooms allocation, alternative staff
arrangement and payroll.
To Management - provides analysis reports on programs, admissions,
class scheduling and timetables.
  • Benefits of Using 4P School Administration System
  • ★ Tracking of student applications and admission process
  • ★ Allocation of courses to maximize rooms utilization
  • ★ Time table allocation and class scheduling
  • ★ Billing, collection of course fees and follow up overdue accounts
  • ★ Email marketing function to distribute newsletter and promote new courses
  • ★ Complete database for students' records including, existing students, potential students or alumni
  • ★ Facilities booking
  • ★ Internal broadcasting bulletin
  • ★ Upload and download area
  • ★ School events schedule
  • ★ Real time update with private database and application
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