Customer Relation

4P CRM SAAS Platform

4P CRM SAAS Platform is the carrier of your company which you may
control what happens in the frontline realtime. It helps to manage the
sales pipeline, effectiveness of the service operation and the
productivity of the sales team. By tracking selling progress,
increasing cross-selling and up-selling, responding faster to new
opportunities, the platform provides you most updated information of
what you need. 4P CRM SAAS Platform also offers a private and
comprehensive database for your contacts, propspects, opportunities and
customers. The frontline persons may share their resources and knowhow
with each other. What you need is a browser to access the platform.


Benefits of Using 4P CRM SAAS Platform

    ★ Sales + Service + Marketing can be all included in one price.

    ★ Easy to use and user-friendly. We configure the working modules for you. And you do not need to study long manual and configure yourself.

    ★ Connects and save data directly from 4P corporate data sharing platform.

    ★ Especially suitable for trading, manufacturing, service or hitech industries.

    ★ Accessible in cross-platforms including desktop, tablets, andriod phone, Iphone or IPad.

    ★ Strong database searching and email marketing functions.

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