Retail Members System

Have you thought of giving a VIP card to your customers? This can
encourage them to come back to buy again. Have you thought of
mailing of barcode VIP cards to targeted prospects to increase your
customer base?
Features of the system include:
    Member Information Member Categories
    Member Database Categorization Expiry Date
    Member Statistics Member Class
    Member Search Class Upgrade
    Bouus Points Management Gift Management
    Bonus Points Calculation Gift Types
    Special Discount Period Gift Inventory
    Birthday Discount Bonus points to Redeem
    Referral Discount  
    Discount for Special Event  
    Bonus Points Expiry Date  
    Reset Bonus Points  
    System Reports Card Issue
    Member Report Issue Card Setup
    Consumption Report Re-issue New Card
    Bonus Points Redeem Report Replace Old Card
    Electronic Money Purchase Multi-Users Setup
    High Consumption Report Access Priviledge
    Cash and Bonus Points Report Multi-Store Support

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