Big Data

4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform

Big data will become useful if it is relevant and timely. The most
challenging part of the business process is to create opportunities
and capture them. While we all only have limited working time to pursue
this goal, the result can be improved by persistenly focusing on the
right targets and engage them effectively in a disciplined manner.
  • Key Benefits of Using The Platform:
  • ★ Increase productivity in prospecting and promotion process
  • ★ Sharing the effort of teamwork in frontline and support
  • ★ Facilitates engaging, telemarketing, email marketing, or online chat
  • ★ A small percent of frontline person's salary generating the value of effort offered by all the users in the platform
  • ★ Regular updating and maintenance of data by 4P staffs
  • ★ One edition and price for all the functions in the platform
  • ★ Can save data directly to private cloud of 4P CRM
  • ★ Fast searching of company's data by company name, telephone number, contact person's name, title, mobile, email address or geography
  • ★ Millions of decision-makers in 170 industries mostly in China and US now
  • ★ Real time update of data and team's productivity report
  • ★ Territory management and avoid duplication of work
Big Data

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