Multimedia Room Control System

By employing right system in the multimedia room, teachers may
control the flow of a computer-aided learning class without waiting
for the help of technican. Students'interactions may improve a wide
range of social skills, including sharing ideas, problem solving and
cooperative learning strategies.
Benefits of using the system:
  • ★ Teachers are able to monitor student activity via teacher's console or even
  • close it if needed.
  • ★ Keep students' focus by removing distractive applications, web access and drives.
  • ★ Enable better collaboration and communication by allowing the teacher to share
  • their screen or audio and even assist students directly via chat and remote control.
  • ★ Planning lessons and learning pace is even better with voting and testing to gauge
  • understanding.
  • ★ For administrators, managing a network of labs is easy with the Tech Console.
  • ★ This desktop management tool allows IT to provide support to teachers and schedule
  • tasks remotely.
  • ★ Enables IT to monitor security risks, keep machines up-to-date, report on
  • technology usage.
  • ★ Dynamic class list importing and ability to send/ receive files and assignments
  • ★ Works On: PC, Mac, Linux, Thin Clients, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • ★ Uses 95% less bandwith than the competitors and uses very little memory
multimedia room control system

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