Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Number of smartphone users in the world have exceeded 2 billion in 2015. With
such rapid growth, has your company really prepared for the change?
Traditional website no longer fits the cross-platforms requirement of

multiple screen sizes and the limitations of different browsers.

Responsive website is the answer to ensure your visitors browse
your website conveniently.
  • Additional Benefits of Having A Responsive Website:

    ★ Serves as a different touchpoint for customer engagement or experience

    ★ Brings in additional traffic to your original website when they are linked

    ★ Mobile friendliness appeals easier to younger generation.

    ★ Responsive website may be integrated with other powerful private cloud platform like 4P CRM so that immediate uploading of images to your corporate website can become easier.

    ★ Mobile users begin the habit of reading their emails on mobile. Responsive website linked by email hyperlink can be a driver for e-commerce.

    ★ Different from mobile app which needs to be found, convinced, downloaded and installed to become useful to mobile users, responsive website does not have these limitations.

    ★ Simple responsive website can be updated easily by free tool like Wordpress and they can be done by users themselves.



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