Electronic Feedback System

Electronic Feedback System collects immediate response or data from
the students during the class, presents them through projection
through presenation or exports them to other applications like excel.
Benefits of using the system:
  • ★ Provides tools for classroom management, curriculum and reporting, like
  • seating charts, attendance and grouping.
  • ★ Enhances lessons with interactive games, online media search, content
  • sharing and thousands of educational resource.
  • ★ Quickly turns classroom activity to interactive games. Multiple games are
  • available to motivate the students to participate more.
  • ★ Flexible to work together with paper-based activities with answer key mode.
  • ★ ReadySet Curriculum to identify the weaknesses of your students for improvement.
  • ★ Comprehensive reporting helps to achieve this goal and reduce the teachers' workload.
  • ★ Reports can be drilled down to sub-groups, individual questions or the standards
  • addressed.
  • ★ Report types include student standards mastery, class standards mastery,question
  • standards, question summary, student/class comparison, class answers, answer
  • distribution.
  • ★ Save teachers' time in grading.
  • Common Features of Hardware:

    ★ As much as 1000 remote may be used at the same time with one computer.

    ★ Remote can work in the range of 500 feet.

    ★ Navigation buttons and device displays allow students to independently work

    on paper-based assignments and answer at their own pace.

Remote Control