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Online marketplace like department store can draw traffic. But not all
products and service are suitable for sale in department store which a
lot of similar products is found in the same place. Requests for
quotation more likely come from vendors in the same trade. The quality of
sales lead is low if the products involved are not bought impulsively or
in shopping manner. 4P E-commerce system is suitable for products and
service under either one of the characteristics:
  • ★ Products that the suppliers wish to build their own brand
  • ★ Products that are unique enough for the customers to search for them
  • ★ Products that the suppliers wish to differentiate theirs by marketing strategies
  • ★ Products or service that need to be sold in different prices or shipping costs based on geography, quantity or customer type
  • ★ Products that need to be bought in large quantities or in high value
  • ★ Products or service that need before or after sale support like demonstration
  • ★ Products or service that active selling is more preferable
  • ★ Vendors who do not want to pay relatively high license, maintenance and transaction fees
  • Benefits of Using 4P E-Commerce System
  • ★ Today, there are several marketing tactics that can bring customers to your corporate website effectively, including email marketing, social media, mobile App, telemarketing and public relation. As long as you have the manpower or time to promote, our linked platform's big data integrated with the above methods will help to bring customers to your website, not away from it.
  • ★ Our system may be customized and integrated with your existing website.
  • ★ Sourcing may also be handled by the same system.
  • ★ Customers may choose to purchase by credit card, paypal, Alipay or Union Pay. Customers pay directly to these accredited online payment channels which protect both the vendors or customers.
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