4P Customer Relation Management System

4P CRM is a web-based on demand solution which increases your sales
productivity, maximize your sales performance, manage your major
opportunities ... It is an independent application with its own
private database and regular backup, different from a shared
SAAS platform which all users share the costs.
  • Benefits of using the system:
  • ★ Realtime and online information about opportunities management
  • ★ Appointments or activities scheduling
  • ★ Comprehensive, independent and secured customers database for backup
  • ★ Marketing campaigns managed and accounted for
  • ★ More timely response to customers
  • ★ Online and easy up-to-date sales forecasting
  • ★ Quotation and invoice processing
  • ★ Enhance teamwork spirit
  • ★ Email marketing with controlled email lists
  • ★ Multi-level access priviledge management with SSL protection
  • ★ System integration with your corporate website
  • ★ Customizable graphical reports may be tailored-made
  • ★ MS SQL complementary to work together with Microsoft Power BI and convenient to export to Excel 2015

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4P Customer Relation Management SAAS Platform