How sustainable a company is depend on how the foundation is built. While market environment
and technologies do change fast, the need for productivity and better performance
does not. Established in 1999, 4P started its business as interactive educational
software company. After nineteen years of effort in continuous improvement and
repositioning, 4P equips itself with technical skills in big data, multimedia,
cloud computing and mobile.
The followings were the milestones of our creativity:
1999 4P designed its first LOGO movie using 3D software.
1999-2000 Use Authorware and Adobe Premiere to produce interactive Putonghua CD-Roms.
2001-2003 The Putonghua Learning CD-Roms were successfully sold to 78% of secondary
schools in Hong Kong and 140 retail shops network.
2002 Used programming to display videos automatically one after another on website.
2003-2005 Used Flash to develop English animated stories and games.
schools in Hong Kong and 140 retail shops network.
2003-2005 Used Bryce 3D software to develop 3D background.
2006 The English CD-Roms were sold to secondary schools in Hong Kong.
They were used in multimedia room, class, activity room, or library.
2006 The website and upgraded version, Interactive English Learning Centre,
was developed. It had generated much appreciation from the users and public online.
2007-2008 4P developed its first version of CRM especially for entrepreneurs and small business.
As a pioneer at that time using the new combination of skills javascript, C#, jquery, ajax and
2008 our founder was awarded "Outstanding Person in China Creativity".
2009-2011 as pioneer to apply database marketing to the prospecting process.
The first version of Corporate Data Sharing Platform was built.
2011 4P nominated as one of the Best China Educational Software Companies by public.
2012-2014 The first version of 4P School Administration System was developed.
2014 Channel Management System was developed.
2015 Two E-commerce versions were developed. One for desktop numerous products
and the other was a responsive one especially for mobile, tablet and desktop.
2016 A new entity was established at Shenzhen, China.
2017 Three platforms or systems were successfully registered in China Copyright Protection Centre.
2018 AI techniques were used to classify the ten million Big Data in our sharing platform.

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