Interviewing By Putonghua

To learn the fundamentals of Putonghua by playing games,doing
translation exercises and watching videos. There is also a demonstration in
pronounciation of 1500 most commonly used Chinese words by well-qualified
teachers. Autorun in Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, Xp, Vista, 2003,7, and 8
As the new versions of windows might not have pre-installed decompression video software,
user will need to come to our website Download Centre to download
iv5setup.exe and the document win32 for win 7 to play indeo avi movie.docx
Benefits of using the software:
  • ★ Learning the fundamentals of Putonghua
  • ★ Enjoy learning language by playing interesting games and listening exercise
  • ★ Sound recording function to practise pronounciation
  • ★ Demonstrated videos with replaying function sentence by sentence
  • ★ Former president of Hong Kong Mandarin Teachers' Association Madam Law Ying
  • as Examining Editor


Interviewing Demonstration



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